About Eunice, David, Derek & Only You

The need for Only You Intuitive Introductions

Through my psychic school I've helped many people who attributed their lack of fulfilment or unhappiness to not having found the "right" partner in life.

I have shown them ways to find their authentic selves, understand their life lessons and taught them how to use their inner guidance to create the life they really want.

From this Only You Intuitive Introductions was born.

Eunice Stott - Personal Relationship Consultant & Coach. Founder of the N.Z. School of Psychic Arts, YouThrive Bach Flower Blends and a qualified Bach Flower Practitioner
Eunice Stott - Personal Relationship Consultant & Coach. Founder of the N.Z. School of Psychic Arts, YouThrive Bach Flower Blends and a qualified Bach Flower Practitioner


For as long as I can remember, I've had this dream of bringing happiness to people by helping them find their soul mate.

One of my best jobs many years ago, was that of a wedding co- ordinator.

A few years ago, having just finished reading Pride and Prejudice - again (Colin Firth has a lot to answer for!) I started thinking about how courting used to be. The manners, the romance and above all the rules.

Dating used to be so exciting, whereas with a lot of my single friends now going on a date seems to be "clinical" and often a horror story.  One friend told me how she was sent on a blind date to a very nice cafe to meet a guy who had no front teeth and was wearing an oil smeared singlet! Another girlfriend met a mutual friend's, brothers friend who was by all accounts "an absolute catch". He, she discovered through the course of an evening lived with his mother, ex wife and children, but assured her that they meant nothing to him and as far as he was concerned he was single!

Ladies this has to change!

It's not only women who struggle to find The One.  Many men I've met have either come out of relationships that have left them with low self esteem or fearful  that all relationships will play out the same.  One friend told me how that sadly his wife had died of cancer quite young and the toll of caring for her through her illness was so traumatic that he was terrified of  having another loving relationship as he couldn't bear the thought of losing someone else.

Gentlemen let us give you support!

Having been a clairvoyant, medium and teacher of the psychic arts and professional actress for over 30 years, owner / manager of an actors agency for 18 years and a wedding co ordinator, I feel I have a good understanding on how people tick and have the ability to help them become their best self.

David Stott - Photographer & Videographer
David Stott - Photographer & Videographer


I’ve been a photographer for over 40 years. It’s been a hobby, a passion, and a job at different times in my life.

Videography came later - my interest growing out of having worked in front of the camera as an actor. In addition to films I’ve used video as a teaching tool professionally in several different contexts.

In the 21st century we’re all more photographed and videoed than ever before - but fewer people ever “sit for a portrait”. Why bother when it’s so easy to take a “selfie”? Well, at Only You we use a photo and video session to unlock something a “selfie” never will: to help you see yourself as others see you; as one step on the Only You journey to becoming “The One”.

Derek John-Thompson - Personal Relationship Consultant & Coach
Derek John-Thompson - Personal Relationship Consultant & Coach


 I care deeply about people.  No judgement. No expectations. I see everyone as their true authentic soul having a human experience.

Being a Reiki healer and having worked in hospitals as a Anesthetic Technician I want the best for my clients.  
Having worked on myself after coming through relationships, I continue to monitor my awareness of my own emotional evolution. I chose to share my observations with those who ask for my guidance, which I feel progresses perfectly with my new role as a Personal Romantic Consultant.

Derek John Thompson is a fully qualified registered practitioner in both Usui Reiki (Advanced Master Teacher) and Karuna Reiki. He is also a certified BodyTalk Practitioner, MiriMiri Massage Therapist and includes Sacred Healing in his sessions.
A patient and effective teacher Advanced Reiki Master Teacher, Registered Practitioner,  Member of Reiki NZ and founder of WellWorx.

David & Eunice Stott
David & Eunice Stott

How Eunice & David met

The first time we met was in 1987 when we were both hired with a handful of other actors to be in a chicken television commercial.  We all knew the project was doomed when the advertising agency decided to re-write the script during filming.  The commercial was never shown due to the fact that the advertising team were "not on message".  Actors never really mind this outcome as they get paid anyway.

Two years later we met again at a Theatresports function.  Both shy, we individually made our way to the buffet table.  A good place to hang out as you can appear busy eating and drinking while looking as though you are enjoying yourself, while not having to make awkward conversation! As we were the only two constants at that location all night, we inevitably began to chat. Although we both belonged to Theatresports I was new and David was the Artistic Director of the company so I hadn't had much to do with him socially.  I didn't remember the chicken commercial or working with David on it.  David remembered me.  Over the course of the evening we began challenging each other to speak in different accents.

People who knew us said we were “chalk and cheese” but at some point, we went from friendship and flirting to exploring our differences and commonalities in a determined way: we both came to know we’d found The One. 34 years on we are still happily together.