So how does it all work?

Application to join Only You. Email Ph 021 0869 1285

The first step is to contact us.

You will then be invited an informal Skype meeting for us to get to know each other.

Getting to know you on a personal level is essential to the success of our relationship as client and member.

2) Registration

 An agreement for both parties will be emailed to you and upon signed return and payment your background check with Arbeth and Co. Private Investigators will progress.  Background checks are conducted on every client, with their permission. We're very aware of the vulnerability you can feel starting out in a new relationship so this is an important practical safety measure for you. You can have complete confidence participating in our group sessions.

3) Consultation & Follow Up Plan

Upon registration, you will be assigned your Personal Relationship Consultant (PRC). Your PRC will conduct an in-depth personal interview with you over Skype.   1.5 hours

This process also allows us to evaluate factors like personality, values, emotional availability, body language, and physical appearance and to understand why you haven't met the right person yet. All of which would be lost with just an online experience.

4) Next is your Photo / Conversational video shoot at:

Only You Intuitive Introductions H.Q. Studio in Titirangi, Auckland.
You will be required to bring some of changes of clothing. 1.5 hours

The aim of the photo shoot process is NOT to have your photo on the Internet, or available for potential partners to view. It is a process to help you become self aware and for us to know more about how we can help you.

Conversational Video shoot

This process includes a self-assessment of how you come across to others, and some observations about where you’re at. Again, the video is not for anyone else to see - just you, the videographer and your PRC.

After the session a photographic contact sheet will be emailed to you and via Skype your PRC will discuss choices for your personal file with us and why we feel particular photos represent you as your best self and how your PRC will use those photos when considering a perfect match for you, plus your PRC's observations of your video session. 

Successful relationships start with each partner being equal

5) Group Sessions

We will share with you a series of techniques via online and in person group sessions covering topics such as:

  • Become a Psychic Detective - How to use & trust your intuition
  • To find The One you must become The One
  • How to manifest in life and love what your really want 
  • How to feel comfortable and be in control in Mix & Mingle social situations
  • Practise your new skill set in a safe controlled environment

Now you're ready for an introduction to someone as prepared as you are.

It may be someone you've already met in the small-group sessions, or another suitable match from Only You - or even someone you meet outside of Only You, because we've set you on a path of self discovery and self confidence you're ready to meet your new partner any where any time! 

Phone Eunice for a chat (09) 817 9810 021 0869 1285 

Websites and emails are all well and good, but if you are like me I think nothing takes the place of a good conversation.  If you've got questions ( and I'm sure you have lots!) give me a ring and let's talk one on one.            

I look forward to hearing from you.

Eunice 😊