Frequently Asked Questions

Extra Information

Q.  I see the company is Auckland based.  I live outside of Auckland can I still join?

A.  Yes, you are correct, we are Auckland based and our face to face sessions will take place in Auckland, including the photo/ video shoot.

You are welcome to join us from any region of N.Z. so long as you can make the commitment to travel for these sessions and are up for the possibility of a long distance relationship!

Q.  Is there a limited amount of introductions I can have?

A.  No, we don’t set a limit on introductions. Our focus is on quality- not quantity. We don’t want to send you on dozens of fruitless dates, we want to equip two people who may be right for each other with the mindset and framework to maximise the chance of any potential for a relationship.

Q. Why do you interview over Skype?

A. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we follow as many contactless protocols as we can - though of course small group gatherings are also an essential part of our process. We feel online face to face meetings are becoming an important tool for social interaction at this time in history. We've become adept at connecting with people at a profound and spiritual level over social media, and nurture those skills with our clients too.

Q. How many Mix & Mingle sessions are included in the fee?

A. There are 3 x 4 hour sessions. 12 hours total on top of the initial consultation process.
How to use your Intuition 4 hours
The Open Book - revelations, insights and The Art of Conversation 4 hours
Mix & Mingle - interaction skills put into practice 4 hours

Q.  Can I come to more group sessions if I want to?

A.  Yes you can.  We find a lot of our clients appreciate the group sessions as a way of building up their self confidence and wanting to stay connected to their new found friend plus meeting new Only You clients in a safe controlled environment.  

There is a small charge of $60.00 incl GST per extra group session to help us cover added costs. 

Q.  When do you hold these sessions?

A.   We fit your personal sessions around your timetable and the group sessions on line and in person vary between week days, day time, evenings and weekends depending on the availability of the majority. We have new member groups and all member group activities.  Depending on numbers for larger activities a different location in Auckland will be used.

Anything we've forgotten?

If you have any other questions that we haven't covered here, please feel free to contact us either by email or ph:           

(09) 817 9810 / 021 0869 1285.