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Here's what we say in the videos on this website

There are many ways you may meet and begin a relationship with someone. A lot of them essentially rely on luck. 

You and that person meet by chance - at a social gathering- or at work - or online. Are you compatible? Will you "click" with that person? Is this going somewhere?

Our secret is to work with YOU 

  • To explore you and what your inner knowing can do to help to navigate relationships
  • To make life easier and more fulfilling with or without a life partner 
  • To tip the scales away from blind luck and towards a more deeply intuitive understanding of where you want to be and with whom.

Personal Relationship Coach

    Only You will assign you a Personal Relationship Coach, who working from the Inside Out will:

    • Show you how intuition can guide you through the myriad of potential pitfalls in the search for love
    • Help you through Spirits guidance to re-connect with your Authentic Self
    • Guide you to an understanding of your life lessons get on the right path for you

    • We also work from the outside in - with a photo and video session to hone self-awareness and give you tools to overcome personal obstacles

    • Your Personal Relationship Coach offers a mixture of one-on-one and group sessions, to:
    • Build confidence 
    • Sharpen self awareness
    • Have fun, banish nerves, and enjoy being you in Mix&Mingle situations
    • Break patterns of behaviour that are stumbling blocks
    • Help heal any emotional wounds
    • and learn to love again

    Background Checks

    Background checks are conducted on every client, with their permission. We're very aware of the vulnerability you can feel starting out in a new relationship so this is an important practical safety measure for you. You can have complete confidence participating in our group sessions.

    Path of Self Discovery

    We set you on a path of self discovery, self reliance and self confidence so you're ready to meet your new partner any where any time! 
    If you do meet someone outside of Only You Introductions please be assured that your Personal Relationship Consultant is only a Skype meeting away should you feel you need any guidance or support.

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