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Have you been unsuccessful looking for "The One"?

Only You are here to help; to help you arrive at an understanding of what exactly you want and need in a perfect match, to help you recognise what's been going wrong with your choices, and reset your approach to finding love.

Cause and Effect

If you don't have what you want in your life right now we need to understand why.  As part of our consultation process we will ask you a series of questions to find out what is holding you back from you living your best life.  Once we have your answers we can help you move forward easily and effortlessly.

To find The One first you must become The One

We highlight tried and true old values and approaches to relationships that many in this modern world have forgotten or ignore and incorporate our new researched techniques to give you extra insight.

Did you know that using your intuition combined with right timing is everything?

We will teach you how to use your intuition effectively and by using Psychic Detective skills access your ability to understand others in life affirming ways.


David and Eunice Stott
David and Eunice Stott

I found my husband over 30 years ago using my intuition. He met me by using his. He just didn't know it!

Our relationship is a happy one, based on similar interests, mutual respect and deep love which has evolved over the years to a "comfortableness" that quite frankly is lovely.  My husband is "my home".  We know many single friends looking for love and were always surprised when they kept asking us the same question:

" What's your secret?"

It wasn't until we analysed what actions we took, when as singles we were both looking for love, that we realised that our way wasn't "the norm".  
It's not easy learning how to trust a complete stranger and the ups and downs of the dating game can be emotionally exhausting.  So how do you navigate the minefield of instant attraction versus inner knowing?  

With Heart AND Mind - analytically and emotionally 

Once you are able to understand why you are responding and reacting in a certain way then you can begin to look at yourself, life and people from a new observational viewpoint.  The skills we will teach you can be applied to not only romantic relationships but All relationships.  Once your "blinkers" are taken off you will be able to live your life completely differently.

So, if you are looking for companionship, feelings of happiness, feelings of being loved or the desire to love another, how to feel comfortable with intimacy, wanting self-growth and self-understanding and more positive self esteem - 

"Welcome to Only You"